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Donate and lend your support to change the future of the publishing industry. Every little bit counts toward paving the path for fair compensation and treatment by Audible for audiobook creators.

Why is this legal fight so important?

What Audiblegate has revealed is why monopolies are dangerous. Audible now has an unassailable position in the market; they own the sales platform, overcharge rights holders for access, and favour their own studios’ product. Brilliance Audio, Audible Studios and Audible originals all enjoy a far greater in-platform marketing advantage than any other books in the store. A company should not be the sales platform, a seller, and a producer.

Audible’s stranglehold on the industry and its deep pockets without necessity for profit thanks to its interconnection with parent company Amazon, allows them to operate without fear of competition or retribution from sellers when they breaching their contracts.

This monopoly enables Audible to set eye-watering sales fees for sellers which range between 60% to 87%, while sellers on the Amazon marketplace only pay 15%. Since Audible controls book pricing on their platform and Amazon's, they have secretly penalized consumers with higher purchase prices to create the illusion the monthly membership is good value.

If we do nothing, we face the prospect of their stranglehold on the industry strengthening each month, funded in part by author's overcharges and losses from non-true returns. An opportunity to rectify this imbalance may never come again.

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where Susan May explains why this campaign is so important.

What TERM has achieved already:

In less than three months, in 2020, the small team behind TERM gained valuable concessions.

  • A 5% bonus payment in December 2020 sales.

  • Returns after seven days no longer charged to authors.

  • Revision of the seven-year exclusivity term to 90 days.

What does TERM want to achieve in the future?

  • The promised amendments to incomplete reporting that remain opaque.

  • Sales returns and data prior to January 2021 supplied and returns paid back to authors.

  • Only true returns (less than 25% listened) debited to authors.

Donation Suggestions

Our initial goal is to raise $70,000 to cover legal expenses, incorporation of the company and ancillary expenses, such as the website. Volunteers, including company directors, will not receive compensation. Every penny will go toward the fight. Our wonderful volunteers freely give their time to fight for all of us; all you need do is donate to protect our future. TERM is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Donations are fully tax-deductible to the extent provided by law.

Donation ideas

  • The equivalent of your December 5% bonus.

  • A percentage of your increased income from the extra sales you now receive.

  • A monthly amount.

Please share our campaign. This is content creators saying, "no more" to unfair big corporation tactics against little guys who have no voice. Your support will give us the volume we need to create change and rewrite our story in the future.

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