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We stand for fair treatment and pay for all audiobook creators and a healthy marketplace

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The Equitable Rights Movement, Inc. is driven by a single goal: to right the wrongs created by Audible's illegal creation and maintenance of a monopoly in the audiobook market.

The journey began in October 2020 after a "glitch" revealed the extent of Audible's abuses, notably in developing a de-facto library system which encouraged listeners to return audiobooks up to a year after purchase and entirely at the expense of the authors and narrators who had created them.

As Audible profited and secured a market monopoly in part through their so-called "Listener-Guarantee," authors' earnings were devastated and this made a mockery of Amazon's claims (as the owner of Audible) that it seeks to promote independent publishing.

Further research revealed yet deeper depths of wrongdoing by Audible. Despite some token adjustments to its practices in 2021, it continues to weigh on publishing viability overall. Nor has Audible provided any returns data prior to 2021, let alone restored the lost earnings it stripped from authors and narrators for years prior. They still refuse to offer "true" returns, which would be less than 25% read or even allow authors to set their own audiobook prices. This pricing strategy artificially increases prices to consumers.

Returns are far from the only issue; Audible also penalizes audiobook producers who dare to list their titles at other retailers, giving only 13-25% share of revenue on creative projects to which Audible has made no contribution of its own.

The Equitable Rights Movement (TERM) is a U.S. 501(3)c nonprofit organization created by a small, hardworking, civic-minded group of authors and narrators who now fight to hold Audible accountable and to ensure a fair and healthy audiobook industry for the future.

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Propelling Audiobook Industry Change for Authors, Narrators and Rights Holders

Through our Audiblegate campaign, TERM has gained important concessions from Audible but we are far from finished!

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More flexibility

Through our efforts in late 2020, Audible wound back the length of contract term from 7 years to 90 days. Authors can now move from exclusive to non-exclusive, or completely remove their books from sale on Audible and sell on other platforms.  

We continue to address the obstacles and penalties Audible places in the way of authors to end a royalty share deal such as removing all reviews and forcing authors to create a new book page. 


More detailed reports

Our campaign forced Audible to agree to transparent reporting. However, the promised ACX dashboard update did not deliver the clarity or detail authors and narrators deserve and already receive from Audible's sister company Kindle Direct Publishing. 

We continue to negotiate with Audible to supply a transparent and detailed dashboard with ALL returns data not just sales returned during a 7-day window. 

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Reimbursement of Returns and overcharges

Through efforts by TERM's pressure group in 2020, Audible agreed to stop clawing back returns after seven days. We believe that authors should only be responsible for "true" returns which means less than 25% read. We continue to demand this.

Audible's refusal to reimburse authors and narrators for returns made prior to January 1, 2021 has made it necessary for us to mount legal action to engage U.S. enforcers to investigate Audible's monopolistic behavior and to pursue a class action.


 One step at a time we make change

Here at TERM, we are dedicated to ensuring fair treatment for authors and narrators and simply require honest business practices from Audible. The audiobook industry must be freed from predatory, monopolistic behavior. Authors and narrators, and readers deserve better.  We won't stop until we have satisfaction.  Will you help us?

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"It always seems impossible until it's done."

Nelson Mandela

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Our team of dedicated volunteers work virtually all over the globe. Should you have a question or you are from the media, please feel free to email us or use the message form.

If you encounter an issue with the website, please use the same email.

Allow forty-eight hours for a reply.

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